BREAKING: Trump CATCHES Clinton in Electoral College – IS This The Beginning Of Hillary’s END?

Published on September 17, 2016

Last summer, they wondering if Trump could even hold Red States. Now even Hillary’s ‘Safe’ States have started to look doubtful.

These numbers must have her campaign team in a state of panic.

Who would have seen THIS coming when there was all that buzz about Trump changing his campaign team again. They were ready to put a fork in him.

Well, not anymore. The Electoral College is now a toss-up’


Michigan, Colorado and New Hampshire were moved from “likely blue state” to “toss up” this week.

Donald Trump is catching Hillary Clinton in electoral college votes.
Gateway Pundit

Pennsylvania is in play… Florida is a likely win.

How’s the DNC feeling about stacking the deck for Hillary NOW?

How will you look Bernie supporters in the eye when you lose?

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