BREAKING: Video Shows Keith Scott Confronting COPS And He’s Not Holding A BOOK!

Published on September 22, 2016

They’re so VERY concerned about dead-what’s-his-name… oh, look! Free stuff!

We’re seeing mobs. Looting. Rage and violence.

All supposedly in the name of ‘justice’… Ignited by yet ANOTHER false narrative. This one about dead guy ‘holding a book’.

(Pro-tip: if you’re dealing with the police, whatever the color of your skin… do not do so with a gun in your hand.)

A local station, WSOC TV posted this on Twitter:

Despite this report, and the gun found on scene:

People are still willing to riot. It isn’t a ‘protest’ when the intent is to cause damage.

Watch as this man ‘rallies the crowd’ that this needs to be ‘more than a one-time situation’. The mob needs to stay organized ‘the next time something like this happens’:

It’s a good thing that folks aren’t exploiting the crisis for their own personal benefit:


Share if a riotous mob smashing their city in the name of ‘justice’ is so stupid only a Democrat could defend it.