DEMONIC: Charlotte Thugs Attempt To Toss UNCONSCIOUS Photographer Into FIRE (PICS)

How do they still get to be called ‘Protesters’ after pulling a stunt like THIS?

In case there’s confusion over who is the ‘good’ guy and ‘bad’ guy in this situation… compare this:

To this:

‘Protesters’ try to immolate an unconscious victim. (That’s called attempted murder.)

Police step in and save his life.

Guess what, thugs?

You have now OFFICIALLY descended to EXACTLY the same moral level as the people you hold up as the worst examples in American history.

Anyone in a mob that tries to throw someone into a fire is behaving as a lynch mob.

The methods may be different, but the hatred and violence are not.

You have become what you hate. Congrats on that ‘accomplishment’.

Do you wonder why people are unsympathetic to your ’cause’, braniac?

Share if any politician legitimizing these agitators WORSENS Racial relations in America.

Like Clash? Like Clash.

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