BRUTAL: ‘Tolerant Hollywood Liberals’ Call Ann Coulter THIS Vile Term 19x During Rob Lowe Roast

Published on September 8, 2016

What if a Conservative called Lena Dunham that? The Liberal Hollywood elite would go bat-guano crazy!

There would be chaos.

Weeping, wailing, protesting.

The establishing of ‘Human Rights Tribunals’ like they have in ‘Progressive’ countries.

Liberal comedians think they are funny, no, absolutely HILARIOUS when they insult Conservatives.

Especially unapologetically polarizing figures like Ann Coulter.

“Welcome to the Ann Coulter Roast with Rob Lowe,” quipped controversial political commentator Ann Coulter during her turn onstage, which was fitting, as she took the most blows tonight at Comedy Central’s Rob Lowe Roast ceremony, held at the Sony lot. The digs were sharp, frequent, and packed with c-word drops as every single one of the other roasters opened up on her as if she were there as the representative of Donald Trump. Which, she kind of was.

“Ann describes herself as a polemicist but most people call her a c***” said Saturday Night Live‘s Pete Davidson, who then muttered “a racist c***” under his breath.

“What is it like to be a real life supervillain,” asked comedian Nikki Glaser. “The only person you’ll ever make happy is the Mexicans that dig your grave.”

And that’s just a sample. Per usual, Coulter reveled in the hate, and admitted she was only there to promote her new book, In Trump We Trust, which was unsurprisingly met with loud boos from the audience.
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Calling Ann Coulter a vile name 19 times just isn’t funny.

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