STARBUCKS Endorse Hillary – Check Out The Epic BACKLASH!

Published on September 8, 2016

Looks like all of the half-caf, low foam soy-lattes have gotten to Howard Schultz’s head. Putting politics ahead of business, he endorses Hillary, and then this happens…

Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president.

“I think it’s obvious Hillary Clinton needs to be the next president.”

Obvious to whom? Those who believe career politicians should be allowed to get away with murder?

Schultz clearly isn’t a fan of America, keeping the money he’s earned, or expanding the business he runs.

Right after Schultz’s announcement, Donald Trump supporters called for a boycott of the coffee giant.
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Check out the reaction on Twitter:

This isn’t the first time Starbucks has been all preachy.

Remember that #RaceTogether thing they did?

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