Confucius Say, ‘OBAMA Exit From ASS Of The Plane’

Published on September 5, 2016

Remember how Obama bragged that America is now the ‘most respected country on Earth’? China has a funny way of showing that ‘respect’ for Obama.

Have a look at this video and see if anything looks odd.

(Source: The Guardian)

Well that gives the backstory we needed to understand how the fistfight almost broke out:

There were no stairs waiting for him to emerge from his usual door at the front of Air Force One.

On the tarmac, as Obama’s staffers scrambled to get lower-level stairs in place for him to disembark, White House press photographers traveling with him tried to get in their usual position to mark his arrival in a foreign country, only to find a member of the Chinese welcoming delegation screaming at them.

..On Saturday, several White House protocol officers and other staff members arriving at a diplomatic compound ahead of Obama’s meetings were stopped from entering and had heated arguments with Chinese officials before they could get in.

“The president is arriving here in an hour,” one White House staffer was overheard saying in exasperation.

A fistfight nearly broke out between a Chinese official trying to help the U.S. diplomats and a Chinese security official trying to keep them out. “Calm down, please. Calm down,” another White House official pleaded. Washington Post

The SNUB Obama got is described in more colorful detail here:

US President Barack Obama, often heralded as the world’s most powerful leader, was forced to go out of Air Force One’s “ass” when his plane landed in China in what has been regarded as a sharp and calculated diplomatic snub by Beijing.

With no staircase provided for him to emerge from the usual door – which is at the front of Air Force One – Obama had to disembark from the exit of the plane’s belly marking a pointed departure from protocol . This alternative exit was little used in the past and that too only for security purposes. As he was going out of Air Force One’s door, he was barely visible to reporters and photographers, who were kept under the wing of the aircraft by a blue tape.

Conspicuously, there was also no red-carpet welcome for the US president at the tarmac unlike in the case of most other leaders including Russia President Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister Theresa May, South Korean President Park Geun-hye and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. All the leaders are in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou for the G20 summit.

…When asked about potential conflicts and the cold reception, Obama told a press conference, “the seams are showing a little more than usual”, but quickly played it down by adding: “I wouldn’t over-crank the significance of it.”IB Times

He wouldn’t ‘over crank’ the significance of a snub in a country where so much is riding on honor and shame?


Is he THAT ignorant of cultures outside of America, or is he THAT narcissistic?

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