#FREXIT: French Leader, Le Pen, SLAMS Islam … Promises A ‘Frexit’ … Launches Bid For President

‘I will do it in France,’ she said and hailed the British who had ‘the courage to choose their destiny’ by voting to leave the EU.

The leader of France’s far-right National Front set the tone for her French presidency campaign by┬ácalling to fight an Islamist ‘offensive’ and take the country to the polls over EU membership if she is elected next spring.

…The candidate for the April-May election pledged to back the ‘France of the forgotten, the abandoned and the voiceless’.

…Along with the economy, the relationship between France’s Muslims and non-Muslims has been a recurring theme as presidential hopefuls have kicked off their campaigns.

Ms Le Pen claimed she was right before all other presidential hopefuls because her traditional issues are now at the centre of the political debate and have found a ‘considerable resonance’ among French voters.

……Following the British precedent, Ms Le Pen promised to hold a nationwide referendum on whether France should leave or remain in the European Union if she is elected president…

…She said she fears ‘dress segregation’ will eventually pave the way for a ‘physical and legal’ relegation of women.

‘When are we going to have a ban on make-up? Then a ban (for women) to appear in public?’ she asked.

The National Front leader also accused former French conservative president Nicolas Sarkozy, one of her potential presidential opponents, of pledging allegiance to a hard-line branch of Islam after he reportedly met the Saudi King in Morocco last month.

Ms Le Pen branded the rise of Islamic fundamentalism as the ‘new totalitarianism of the 21st century’ and suggested terrorists were hiding among migrants.

‘The best weapon against terrorism is the ballot,’ she said.
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Funny how people are reacting badly to having the terms of living their homeland redefined without the ‘consent of the governed’.

First Brexit… then Merkel… Now Frexit… Share if you think people are starting to wise up to globalism.

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