DEAR CNN: Collapsing Like Hillary Did ISN’T Normal for People with Pneumonia

Written by Andrew Allen on September 14, 2016

Everybody’s had pneumonia. Did you know that? Everybody. It’s just like hay fever. Or the common cold.

In fact, chances are someone right now has pneumonia. But it’s no big deal. Why, maybe you have it and don’t even know it because pneumonia is such a nothing affliction.

That’s the chorus being sung on stage left now that the media has been caught pants down covering for Hillary’s medical status. Simple fact is, were it not for a video that came out on 9/11 showing Hillary being tossed into her Scooby van like a side of beef, the media would still be calling anyone that questioned Hillary’s health dangerous conspiracy theorists driven by that basketful of deplorables called the alt-right.

A video did emerge though and unlike the other videos, this one undeniably showed Hillary suffering a medical episode of some sort. The media can’t help but cover for Hillary so they’ve come up with all sorts of absurd ways to explain away her collapse on a New York sidewalk. Prominent among those absurdities is the idea that pneumonia’s not a big deal.

Even though pneumonia is the third most common reason Americans are admitted to hospitals each year (the first and second are childbirth and cardiac problems respectively). In fact, estimates suggest between five and ten million Americans die from pneumonia annually and chances are, every reader of this article remembers an elderly relative’s passing after contracting the ailment.

Pneumonia kills more Americans than guns do. Yet the media are out in force to tell us that it’s nothing to worry about – pneumonia that is, the media remains quite extraordinarily unhinged about guns.

If pneumonia is nothing to worry about – indeed Hillary looked fine walking out of Chelsea’s apartment and she even stopped to potentially pass her sickness on to a little girl who no doubt won’t mind because hey, she’s gotta get pneumonia just like everybody else someday so why not now – then why did Hillary cancel an upcoming California trip in order to recuperate?

Perhaps it’s a bit cynical to suggest, but it could be that pneumonia just gave Hillary a “get out of the spotlight free” card. She polls better when people don’t see her or hear her. She’s now got a reason for people to not see her or hear her over the next 50+ days leading up to election day.

Then there’s the other evidence. The weird piece of something that fell from her leg as her episode occurred. The way she didn’t faint so much as her body seemed to freeze, rigidly in place as though none of the moving parts were working as they ought to have.

And those blue glasses – some suggest those are prescribed to patients suffering from light-induced epileptic seizures — she sported as she walked outside Chelsea’s apartment. Is something more serious than pneumonia going on here?

And really, to listen to media coverage, just about anything could be more serious than pneumonia in their nothing-to-see-here-folks reporting of what we all saw with our own eyes on Sunday.

Image: Screen shot; Fox News;

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