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PATRIOTS: If Hillary Wins, Will ALL Conservatives Be ‘Deplorable’?

by Les Weaver
Clash Daily Contributor

There cannot be one citizen of voting age that does not recognize that this country has only twice before been so divided. The two previous times were the Revolution from Britain when there were Loyalists vs. Separatists. The second was the Civil War where it was the Union vs. the Confederates. The source of the present division is easily traced to the Progressives, (aka neo-Marxist) movement, (Obama as their present leader) vs. those that wish to continue a Constitutional Republic. The Progressives have become easily identified when they open their mouth to display that their cranium is tightly interlocked in Obama’s posterior.

Among the most avid Progressive promoters is Hillary Clinton, followed by my two Senators and Representative. Just last week she said that if elected, she would represent all the people. Then recently, she referred to half of Trump’s followers as a “basket of deplorables”; this followed by other slanderous expletives. Her comments broad brushed 25% of all citizens of voting age. She has yet to mention the other half of Trump followers but we can only assume that they will be treated just as this administration has treated the total of Trump followers. This Administration labels them as a nuisance, not to be listened to, let alone acknowledged as worthy citizens that just have opposing opinions.

This administration no longer discusses and respectfully disputes issues; they now attack the individuals similar to the way Hitler labeled the Jews as vermin. His attacks continued until the populace agreed. Anyone that disagreed was automatically considered part of the vermin and dealt with in the same way. The term “deplorables” is an encompassing label that is the first step toward Hillary and her Progressives’ isolating those that disagree with her and a straight line Progressive government, under a drastically revised “Progressive Constitution”. Note that she does not use equivalent language to describe Extremist Muslim Terrorists or even domestic criminals. Only Trump followers do she and her followers label as “deplorable”.

The Constitution, particularly Bill of Rights 1, 2, 4, and 5, are under re-interpretation and threat. #10 has been totally ignored for decades. With the election of Obama, this government has morphed from having a President to being led by a self-anointed King. The Supreme Court now legislates in violation of their Constitutional directed functions, responsibilities, and limits. A multitude of Obama’s progressive “executive orders” have been overturned as un-Constitutional and many other of his orders are in queue for review by a SCOTUS that sometimes legislates.

The Progressive movement is promoting that when Obama’s term runs out, that we should be led by a Queen that is free of her abiding by existing law. That Queen has now exposed that she “deplores” half of the populace she wants to reign over. To the half she presently does not “deplore” I pose a question: Under Queen Hillary, what misstep might you take that would result in your being labeled “deplorable” and what would your subsequent fate be? Study history for a clue of that potential fate.

Image:; Gage Skidmore; CC by 2.0

Les Weaver: Born into abject poverty in 1934, he spent his teen years on farms as a foster child and was classified as a farm laborer when he joined the Navy in 1952. After that service, he had a short stint at a University but moved on to 35 years associated with the engineering and technical sciences in Aero-Space, retiring from two Aerospace giants in senior positions and a small business. Until retirement, his writing experience was limited to technical occupational reports. His wife is a German immigrant, now a proud American and together they enjoy gardening. Les takes breaks from gardening to express himself to the politicians by phone, email and now thru ClashDaily/DougGiles.

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