DEAR CNN: If Hillary’s ‘Health Is Perfect’ Why Is THIS On Standby At Her Rallies?

Published on September 9, 2016

Haven’t seen reports of one of THESE at any Trump rallies, have we? So why would Hillary need one?

Hillary’s motorcade includes… an ambulance?

Yes. She’s got an ambulance.

Not just on standby in case someone in a crowd needs it.

She’s got one in her motorcade. They go one better…

The ambulance gurney was actually rolled out. Behind her stage.

In readiness for … what, exactly?

And why are the EMS workers wearing bulletproof vests?

Right. Because it’s perfectly normal for EMS to wear bulletproof vests when serving the general public.

Share if Kaine might want to start considering a running mate … ‘just in case’.

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