DUMBASS: Sailor Videos Self NOT Standing For Flag – BAD NEWS Ensues

Published on September 9, 2016

Did she REALLY think the brass would be ‘cool’ with this?

What part of ‘enlisting’ does she not understand?

There are specific job requirements concerning the respect for the flag. She was not a conscript. She CHOSE this.

Watch her ‘protest’:

The U.S. Navy was not amused:

Disciplinary actions toward the female sailor are ongoing, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Navy told Military Times. “We are always doing training to make sure that sailors know the pros and cons of using social media, and they must always observe appropriate conduct, and they’re always subject to the UCMJ at all times,” she added.

The national anthem “basically says land of the free, home of the brave, except for hirelings and slaves and I just can’t support anything like that,” the female sailor said in the video she posted on Facebook. She continues “I think Colin had a really good point when he said we had bodies in the streets.”

During the ceremony the sailor sat on a bench and raised her fist in a symbol of black power. “Until this country shows they’ve got my back as a black woman … I can’t, and I won’t and I won’t be forced to [stand],” she continues.

The military requires all U.S. service-members to stop where they are, stand at attention, and salute the flag during the morning ceremony. Disciplinary action for failure to comply with these regulations is not unprecedented. A female soldier posted a photo of herself hiding in her to car to avoid saluting during colors in 2014. The female soldier was made to issue a public apology to the U.S. Army.
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As for ‘bodies in the streets’, she might want to look up the stats of who put them there.

For example… Chicago just hit the 3000 people shot mark.

Share if this was a particularly dumb stunt on her part… that accomplished precisely NOTHING.