DEAR HILLARY: What Is THAT Under Your Jacket?

Published on September 27, 2016

A rectangular lump was noticed under Hillary’s jacket at the debate. It’s raising some questions.


If she were not a chronic liar, none of these questions would even be taken seriously. But this is Hillary. The MOST compelling reason to suspect there is something to this theory is her OWN endless lies. Like these ones:

She lies even when there is no REASON to lie, nothing to be gained by deceit:

Who was she named for? The explorer that climbed Everest… after she was born.

She even ‘landed under sniper fire’.

Not only that, she is perfectly willing to cheat to win:

That’s why Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is no longer DNC Chair… but immediately joined the Hillary campaign.

So is it any wonder people are suspicious when they see a lump under your jacket?

This is the backdrop:

If it were ANYONE ELSE… someone whose integrity we trusted in … it would just be naturally assumed that this is nothin more than the outline of a wireless mic.

Sadly, this is NOT someone who’s integrity we can trust in. And yet somehow, she rose to be the Democrats’ nominee for President.

So we will continue to have theories about what ‘exactly’ that outline in her jacket was…

All because … she lies.

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