WHOA: Did Rosie Just PROVE Trump Was Right By Calling Her ‘A PIG’

Published on September 27, 2016

Rosie’s back in the news. Like a bad smell, she just won’t go away. But did her reaction to the debate actually Vindicate Trump? Judge for yourself.

ClashDaily has posed the question before:

QUESTION: Do You AGREE With Trump That Rosie O’Donnell’s A DISGUSTING Pig?

She’s called him an (excrement) stain… but for him to hit back is ‘sexist’?

Oh really? She’s just a rage beast lashing out at anyone who disagrees with her. She tweets the kind of thoughts that a civilized person would have sense enough to mentally edit and discard. But either she thinks such levels of hate are endearing, funny, or ‘shocking’ (in some sort of a good way) she puts them out there.

Remember when she fantasized about assaulting Pro-lifers in a way so debauched that even ‘edgy’ filmmakers would have sense enough never to put it on film? (Here’s the link, but be warned. It’s THAT gross.)

THIS is the woman whose wittle feewings Hillary is sticking up for.

Rosie picks fights and loads them with expletives. (On Debate night she called him an ‘Orange Anus’.)

Trump maintains she had it coming.

Most of us think that you forfeit any claim to being ‘bullied’ when you play as dirty as she does.

In fact, there is one thing Trump said about her almost isn’t even controversial, as scathing as it is:

 ‘Rosie is crude, rude, obnoxious and dumb – other than that I like her very much!’

Honestly, we’re not sure what the big deal is.

We’ve called Rosie WORSE things than Trump has. Lots of things, and WAY Worse.

We’re not quite sure what drives the rage beast in her. Probably a cry for help.

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