DISGUSTING: De Blasio Declares 9/25 This ‘Special Day’ For Islam In NYC – OUTRAGEOUS

Published on September 28, 2016

NYC Mayor, Bill De Blasio is so unperturbed, (one may even say ‘ blasé’) about the recent Islamic terror attacks in his New York and New Jersey that he declares a ‘Special Day’ for the followers of Mohammed. How tolerant!

What deserved such a special day?

Was it the Meat cleaver-wielding ‘religion of peace’ devotee so upset about the boot on his car that he attacked a cop?

Or the ‘naturalized citizen of Afghan descent’ that injured 29 in Chelsea, New York and New Jersey just a couple of weeks ago?

De Blasio initially said that the bombs ‘weren’t terror attacks’.

Can you believe this guy?


So, Sept. 25 was ‘Muslim Parade Day’ in NYC.

Don’t they have those in the UK?

Yep, it’s pretty amazing to be in Europe now.




At least Mayor De Blasio had the sense to not actually show up for the event.

Well, there’s always next year.

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