HUGE: Trump Rally Turns AWAY More In One Day Than Hillary Has Had In Attendance Since …

Published on September 28, 2016

If attendance at their respective rallies is any indicator of voter turnout for the candidates, Hillary is in deep, deep trouble.

Trump rallies are bursting at the seams, but Hillary’s… well, not so much.

According to Gateway Pundit:

Since August 1st when both parties’ conventions concluded, Trump has had more than 312,000 people at his events with thousands turned away due to space limitations. He has set records for some of these locations in attendance. However, Hillary has only had 12,000 total at her rallies since August 1st.


12,000 is the number of supporters that couldn’t get intoat Trump’s Rally in Florida:

Compare that to Hillary’s Raleigh event:

Hillary’s campaign is adjusting to the reality by holding her rallies in small locations, like high school gyms.

Wait for it.

By mid-October, she’ll be holding her rallies in a sardine can.

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