HEY HILLARY: Was The Birther Thing To Distract From YOUR FAILURE To Obey THIS?

She’s been so VERY busy, what with all that BED REST and all, how could she POSSIBLY have found the time?

You remember Judicial watch?

They won a court ruling. Hillary was given the chance to answer those questions in writing instead of in person?

Attorneys for Hillary Clinton and the watchdog group Judicial Watch agreed on Wednesday to allow the Democratic presidential candidate an additional two weeks to answer a set of questions about her private email system.

According to Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton, Clinton asked for the extra time because of “campaign business.”
Daily Caller

Campaign business, let us remind you, roughly translates into ‘attending fundraisers’. ClashDaily covered that story earlier.

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Now she’s kicked that can down to October 13. Because she couldn’t find time to craft a proper lie during all that fundraising bedrest.

She’s not ducking responsibility…. no no no no noooOOOOoooo.

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