PUNKED: Trump Rope-A-Dopes MEDIA On The Birther Issue – Hillary’s Response Is So LAME!

Published on September 16, 2016

Hillary’s media just let her down. They had one job: destroy Trump. And in the end, SHE was the one looking stupid.

For the last couple of days, Hillary’s team (meaning her media) were trying to pin the ‘racist’ label on him. It’s the usual Kryptonite they destroy Republican candidates with. It should work every time.

But this, time it didn’t.

Trump seems to have a better sense of media, of timing, and of being the one choosing the battleground than most Republicans before him.

So when journalists set the bait asking him to take a position on the birther issue, he said ‘not right now’. He did two things. He let the Democrats (and media flunkies) commit to their plan, and overplay their hand AND Trump got to answer the question in HIS timing and HIS way.

In the end, Hillary was LIVID!

She’s used to media that does what they’re told. One that stages the shots to make her team look good.

So what did Trump do?

He called a press conference, one that showcased exactly the messaging he wanted to get out to the public, and then opened up a can of political whoop-ass.

First, there was thirty minutes of top military brass praising Trump.

After that, was a beautiful mic-drop moment.

Not only did he de-fang the birther attack. “Obama was born in the US. Period.”

He reversed it — this Birther question came up in 2008… by HILLARY’s own campaign team!

Even CNN acknowledged that they ‘got played’.

You can see the arguments supporting that claim here.

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