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INVASION: Small Town In The SOUTH Has Received MORE Muslim ‘Migrants’ than LA and NYC Combined

Behold the ‘tolerant’ Left … and their NIMBY policy– exposed!

Since October 1 (the start of the fiscal year), 72 Syrian refugees have been placed in Stone Mountain, State Department data shows. Los Angeles has resettled just 45 Syrian refugees, while NYC has only resettled nine.

Syrians aren’t the only refugees placed in Stone Mountain this year. Since October 1, 299 refugees have been resettled in the Georgia town. That’s roughly five percent of Stone Mountain’s July, 2015 population (6,109, according to U.S. Census data).
Daily Caller

For context… if they were sending a similar percentage of population to other places that would be:

New York — 420,000 refugees

L.A. — 194,000 refugees

Chicago — 134,780

Portland — 30,472

Hollywood, California — 6,171

Washington DC — 32,944

or… (can you even imagine!)

75 people to Martha’s Vineyard

Right … like any of THOSE things are going to happen. No, we’ll just tuck them away in some part of flyover country where the big proponents of these policies won’t have to pay for it with their property taxes, policing, where they won’t add language complications to their school system.

According to U.S. Census data, the median income in Stone Mountain is $36,444, well below the national average of $53,482. Stone Mountain has a poverty rate of 22.5 percent, which is significantly higher than the national average of 13.5 percent.

..As previously reported by The Daily Caller, the vast majority of Syrian refugees resettled in Virginia have been placed in low-income high-poverty cities, far away from the wealthy D.C. suburbs.
Daily Caller

Share if this is so typical of the Left… expecting the moral credit for ‘generosity’, while passing the bill to someone else.

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