QUESTION: Why Does ‘The Media’ Call RIOTERS in Charlotte … ‘Protesters?’

Hey, MEDIA: If the intent is destruction, it’s a RIOT, not a PROTEST. Are these actions of ‘protesters’ or ‘rioters’?

Watch a report close to the heart of the chaos:

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Grabbing shoes from a smashed up truck:

Smashing windows in apartment buildings:

Knocking over Journalists:

Black Lives Matter, but Journalists, eh, not so much:

Breaking into and Looting a Souvenir Shop:

Smashing open a cash register and grabbing the money:

Throwing rocks at cars from an overpass:

Beating up a white guy in and underground parking lot:

The violence increases as shots are fired within the mob. One person in critical condition (GRAPHIC):

All this because the mob refused to believe this:

Would Martin Luther King Jr. approve? (Note the statements made at 1:40 mark)

So, is it BLM or the Charlotte Police that are the better embodiment of MLK’s principle of non-violence:

The Charlotte P.D. deserve commendations on their handling of this situation.

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