Kaepernick And NFL BOTH Put On BLAST By Hollywood A-Lister … Has The REVOLT Begun?

Does the NFL believe there’s ‘no bad publicity’? We’re about to find out!

Americans don’t much like being told that America sucks. They especially don’t like paying for the privilege at their favorite apolitical pastimes.

So When Kaepernick chose the anthem for his public protest, he unleashed a firestorm of criticism.

He thought he was taking the high road. But a movement completely comprised of LIES can never be the high road.

James Woods got sick of the agenda, and has pushed back.

Turn up your speakers, and enjoy the BOOM!


James Woods is officially DONE. How many others are going with him?

Is the NFL so committed to placating Social Agitators that they’re willing to sacrifice market share?

We Might just find out.

Share if the NFL has been kissing PC asses for far too long.

Like Clash? Like Clash.

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