QUESTION: Should States Be Able To REJECT Muslim Refugees?

Published on September 16, 2016

The President — whenever it’s HIS agenda — loves telling States to ‘Comply’… but CAN he?

Governor Gregg Abbott doesn’t think so. He’s putting forward legislation to make it crystal clear that they can’t.

The Governor makes some great points for why they should NOT be made to accept these refugees.

ClashDaily has already reported on the problems associated with assimilation in Amarillo. And there are already suspicions that refugees are being deliberately directed into Red States to influence future voting patterns.

Which one is YOUR favorite? Did you catch the part where Abbott said Obama wrote in a waiver that would accept refugees EVEN IF they had given MATERIAL SUPPORT to TERRORISTS???

Why isn’t THAT tidbit on the nightly news?

So… Back to the quesiton: Can States tell the Feds to pound sand?

One commenter put it this way:

“The Constitution gives the Congress the authority to establish conditions for immigration, but nowhere in the Constitution does it empower the federal government to force States to accept refugees from anywhere.”

Is Federalism still alive and well in America? Or has America actually bought into the Big-State Centralization that puts greater power in fewer hands?

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