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Leaked FBI Data REVEALS 1000s Of Terrorist Encounters In The USA – The Numbers Are SHOCKING

If Bush were still president, would this be a front page story? Shouldn’t it be even if he’s not?

From Breitbart Texas:

Leaked documents with sensitive FBI data exclusively obtained by Breitbart Texas reveal that 7,712 terrorist encounters occurred within the United States in one year and that many of those encounters occurred near the U.S.-Mexico border. The incidents are characterized as “Known or Suspected Terrorist Encounters.” Some of the encounters occurred near the U.S.-Mexico border at ports-of-entry and some occurred in between, indicating that persons known or reasonably suspected of being terrorists attempted to sneak into the U.S. across the border. In all, the encounters occurred in higher numbers in border states.

Some of the documents pertain to the entire U.S., while others focus specifically on the state of Arizona. The documents are labeled, “UNCLASSIFIED/LAW ENFORCEMENT SENSITIVE” and contain data from the FBI-administered Terrorist Screening Center, the organization maintaining the Terrorist Screening Database, also known as the “Terror Watch List.”

The leaked FBI data are contained in a fusion center’s educational materials, specifically the Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center’s (ACTIC) “Known or Suspected Terrorist (KST) Encounters Briefing” covering from July 20 2015 through July 20 2016. The leaked documents are composed of 10 individual pages, but Breitbart Texas chose to release only nine of them due to page 10 containing contact information for ACTIC.

Page Two of the documents contains a map of the entire U.S. with the numbers of encounters per state. The states with the highest encounters are all border states. Texas, California, and Arizona–all states with a shared border with Mexico–rank high in encounters.

They produced a map for a visual (Credit — Breitbart Texas):


Of the 50 States (57 if you’re an Obama voter), only THREE have ten or fewer incidents. Delaware (3), Rhode Island (7), North Dakota (9).

Where are the highest number of incidents?

California (879)
New York(827)
Texas (585)
Florida (569)
Michigan (414)
Illinois (411)

Remember that news about ISIS smuggling people into the US? Probably not, the Networks (D) didn’t have much interest in the story. But ClashDaily cared.

We have Democrats desperate NOT to improve border security.

Desperate to denounce as ‘racist’ any effort to tighten it.

Desperate to change the channel any time attention is drawn to the negative consequences of current Immigration policies and lack of enforcement.

Desperate for those mountains of Soros dollars. (Soros doesn’t believe in national borders… So there’s your ‘motive’ for supporting policy counter to national best interest)

Mr Soros added. “Our plan treats the protection of refugees as the objective and national borders as the obstacle.” — Breitbart

Now weigh those against the Left on other topics where they keep bleating ‘if it saves even ONE life’.

Do you think taking terrorism seriously will save ‘even one life‘?

Not if you’re the Democrat-backing networks. Because Politics are Priority One.

Pay no attention to the recent spike in attacks. Merely coincidence. That last guy was ‘hispanic’. But it isn’t racist to say that, somehow.

Share if dealing with terrorists in America — and keeping more out — should be a big deal.