HEY HILLARY: Don’t Read Michael Moore’s Tweet Regarding Last PM’s Debate – YOU’LL STROKE OUT

Even Michael Moore is running scared. Check out his tweet slamming team Hillary for claiming victory after the debate:

Moore has about as big a pro-Hillary agenda as one can possibly imagine.

(Aside from Soros, who imagines having a President for a puppet… for ANOTHER eight years.)

So he as a vested interest in Hillary moving back to that house at 1600.

That said, he is one of the few people Hillary could accurately point to and say, ‘well at least I’m more honest than HIM’.

Mr. Propaganda is afraid Trump will win.


Just as likely, he’s afraid people are getting complacent and he’s intentionally trying to gin up fear in Liberals so that they don’t just blow off Election Day.

Either way, this is not the language of confidence we would have seen back when she led the polls by double digits.

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