LMAO: Hillary Is ‘Cover Girl’ For THIS Magazine – Is That Some BS, Or WHAT?

Published on September 15, 2016

Some editor will be getting fired over this one. Or sent on ‘assignment’ to some mosquito-infested swamp. What were they thinking? Could you think of a better ‘fit’ than this magazine?

If there was any lingering doubt whether the media is carrying the water for the Democratic campaign?

Exhibit A.

What? There are lingering rumors about Hillary’s health? Let’s stamp them out! Run a health piece celebrating Hillary!

(That backfired.)

Could they be any more obvious? These were the same media guard that did the GQ piece for Obama, and fawned over Michelle, too.

It’s as bad as the Cosmo piece featuring Hillary’s “fashion forward” pantsuits.

Can you perhaps think of magazines that would be a better fit for Hillary on the cover?

Maybe one discussing her valuable political contributions:


Or one discussing her personal character:


If you really INSIST on covering her health, perhaps THIS might be a better forum:


High Times was excluded because Obama and Malia are sure to be slotted in a Father-Daughter shoot… and Bill ‘didn’t inhale’.

Get creative! Leave your own cover model suggestions in the comments!

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