MUDSLINGING: Hillary’s ANTI-TRUMP Ads Are What’s Wrong With Political Commercials

Written by Karen Serna on September 21, 2016

I must admit that it is not unusual for me to see something on TV that makes me giggle a bit because of its lunacy. I’m not into TV much, but I am a commercial lover. Even as a child, I would play while the TV was on, completely unaware of what was on, but would stop to watch the commercials with great intensity. I even have a small list of commercials that will forever more be considered, in my mind, the greatest advertisements of all times.

However, last night I saw a political commercial that threw me into great convulsions of sarcastic laughter. There was scene after scene and audio clips of Donald Trump popping off, as he often does, about how much smarter he is than our military and how he has made great sacrifices. Naturally, the clips were taken out of context and pieced together to make them sound more horrific than what they were despite the fact that some of the statements were irresponsibly spoken. It is no secret that Donald Trump has a disease my father would have called Diarrhea of the Mouth. As a presidential candidate, certainly, he should be more thoughtful and dignified in his communication of ideas. I am not suggesting he be suffocated by the disease of Political Correctness, but some common sense might be helpful.

In addition to these Trump clips, they showed flashes of wounded veterans and Americans who have given themselves to the service of our country. Every picture was truly heart breaking and made me tear up at the sacrifice these men and women have made for me and my family. I am thankful beyond my ability to communicate such gratitude.

Nothing to this point was funny, amusing, but not funny at all. This next part is where I just about laughed the milk out of my nose especially since I had no idea where this commercial was going. It ended by saying that Hillary Clinton would protect America and that our veterans deserve better. Yak, yak, yak! Is she serious? Did she actually think that pretending to care about our service men and women and the safety of Americas was believable? Forgive my ignorance, but I didn’t consider national security high on her priority list. Does she think the American public hasn’t been watching all the news about Benghazi? Honestly, when I saw the end of the commercial, I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry. Is Mrs. Clinton trying to be funny or does she think we are ignorant?

I guess this commercial is a picture of what American politics is all about these days. We are slinging mud instead of discussing the issues or coming up with viable solutions to our nation’s problems. My sincere request is that our nation’s leaders and elected officials would stop focusing on silly accusations and start doing their jobs to represent the people with humility and sacrifice. This commercial clearly shows that this is simply not the case. As American citizens we must demand and expect more.

photo credit: by Andrew Dallos; Hillary Clinton interview with Matt Lauer during NBC News’ Commander in Chief forum last night via photopin (license)

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Karen Serna is a wife and homeschooling mom with two children. She holds a degree in Chemistry with a minor in Math from Angelo State University. In addition, she is a certified secondary educator. Prior to having children, Karen worked for Texas State University-San Marcos as an analytical chemist and industrial hygienist for over twelve years. Her passion lies in seeing a generation of Americans once again embrace true freedom.