POLL WATCH: Guess Who is Leading in Swing States With Less Than 50 Days to Go…

Published on September 21, 2016

‘Stronger Together’ vs. ‘Make America Great Again’ which candidate is getting a bump in the polls?

Donald Trump narrowly leads Hillary Clinton in the battleground states of Nevada, North Carolina, and Ohio.

That’s according to Fox News statewide likely voter polls conducted Sunday through Tuesday evenings.

Trump is helped by strong support from working-class white voters, while Clinton is hurt by a lackluster performance among younger voters and women.

In each state, Trump’s advantage is within the margin of sampling error.
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Trump’s policy is pretty clear, whether you agree with him or not.

Hillary… well, we know she is running on the ‘woman card’.

Trump is gaining some momentum as the campaign draws to a close. Hillary is losing ground in an election battle that she is ‘supposed’ to win.

So much for the ‘most qualified candidate ever’.
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