PATRIOTS: What’s More ‘DEPLORABLE’ … Trump Supporters Or Hillary’s UBIQUITOUS Scandals?

Published on September 13, 2016

Could it be she ‘short-circuited’ and just forgot what ‘deplorable’ means? Becuase that’s a pretty dangerous word for her to introduce into political discourse. Especially with HER record.

Just in case she doesn’t know what the word means:


With Hillary, we have a twofer!

How deplorable is Hillary?

Cato institute gave us this blast from the past:


How deplorable is Hillary?

She stood in the presence of four corpses (Americans whose lives she directly endangered and failed to rescue when called upon!) and told the parents that the filmmaker responsible.


She lies to us day after day. An undeniable example:

This is besides the complete mess she made of her time as Secretary of State, emboldening enemies, failing allies, under which ISIS gained strength… all during watch.

None of these even scratch the surface. Here’s a quick overview, if you want to get up to speed.

This is all besides throwing God alone knows how many women under the bus who had made sexual allegations against her husband. Who is at least as deplorable as she is.

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