WATCH: Kid Rock Says, ‘F**K Colin Kaepernick’ During Concert – Crowd REACTS!

Hey, Kaepernick! When you decided to take up a cause, was it your intention to unite people … AGAINST you? If so … Well played!

Want to know how people are taking Kaepernick’s ‘movement’? See for yourself.


Listen to the CHEERS from the crowd when Kid Rock yells out [F–k] Colin Kaepernick!

It seems Colin is uniting people alright.

You’ve got 75% of NFL fans weighing in against his ‘movement’… and could hit them HARD in the wallet.

You’ve got the reaction when he played his stunt when Veterans were being honored.

At this rate, by November, he’ll have a lower approval rating than either Congress or syphilis.

This is EXACTLY the kind of coverage KAEPERNICK does NOT want to see. So let’s make it go VIRAL!

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