THE SYSTEM’S RIGGED: The ‘MODERATOR’ of 1st Presidential Forum Announced And You’ll Be LIVID

Published on September 1, 2016

Well, the only surprise here is that they didn’t go with Sean Penn… or maybe George Soros.

Hillary’s been propped up by the media and even by Google. Honestly, she is being held up by more supports than the Golden Gate Bridge!

Every four years, it’s the same thing. A bunch of Liberal journalists get to moderate the Presidential Debates. Republican candidates say NOTHING about it.

Well, at least it isn’t Chris Matthews with the ‘thrills’ he gets up his leg. Ew.

…The Commission on Presidential Debates just announced who they’ve picked as their moderator for the first forum featuring the two candidates: Matt Lauer.

The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America is hosting the one-hour event in New York City, which will be the first time both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will appear on the same stage (it won’t be together, but back-to-back).

So what do we make of another leftist journalist moderating another presidential event? Hopefully, a lot.

Matt Lauer, along with Tom Brokaw (and many other national journalists) are members of Hillary’s foundation. The list includes Anderson Cooper, Katie Couric, Maria Bartiromo, and, of course, George Stephanopoulos.
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The BIG question is: Will NBC will disclose Matt Lauer’s connection to the Clinton Foundation?

(Probably not.)


Looks like Hillary’s been busy ‘networking’ with the media and getting journalists involved in the Clinton Foundation.

Seems like it’ll be difficult to find an impartial moderator.

There is some good news…

Trump isn’t like the previous Republican candidates.

He says what he means and tells it like it is.

He also REFUSES to be bullied and calls out journalists on their leading questions.

Trump has even fired questions right back.

Maybe, just maybe, this will be a NIGHTMARE for Matt Lauer.

Maybe Trump will ask him some hard questions.

Matt, I have a question. How is it possible that you were chosen as an impartial moderator of these presidential debates when you are a supporter of Hillary Clinton’s personal foundation? How can you possibly be objective?

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