UNPATRIOTIC: University’s CHEERLEADERS Join Kaepernick’s Stupid National Anthem Protest

Published on September 21, 2016

Are we going to have to watch this at every game? Thank you, Jesus, that the Football season is relatively short.


Kaepernick started his protest in the preseason by sitting down during the national anthem.

He has since kneeled during the anthem in protest of what he calls racial inequalities and injustices taking place in America, including police-related violence.

He said that he faced taunts throughout the game against the Carolina Panthers on Sunday, adding: ‘There’s a lot of racism disguised as patriotism in this country.’…

…But now, athletes across America have been following Kaepernick’s example of sitting or kneeling during the national anthem.

The most recent example saw cheerleaders from the historically black Howard University follow suit – and face a backlash on Twitter.

The school’s cheerleading squad took a knee during the anthem at the AT&T Nation’s Football Classic at RFK Stadium in Washington D.C. on Saturday afternoon.

Zachary Johnson, who is the executive president of the university’s school of communications, posted a picture of the demonstration on Twitter, which has since attracted almost 10,000 likes.

‘Salute to the Howard University Cheerleaders for exercising their right to kneel during the national anthem,’ he wrote alongside the image.

Johnson said the post started going viral on Saturday night, but that he also received many negative comments on the social media platform.

‘The backlash African-Americans are receiving right now is the exact reason for the protest,’ he told CNN.

‘It justifies the reason to do it in the first place.’

He added that only the cheerleaders kneeled but many of the school’s football players raised a fist in solidarity.

‘We can’t even exercise our constitutional right to protest without being criticized,’ Johnson added.
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Ummm, no, Mr. Johnson. The backlash is because it’s stupid.

Protesting because you think that there is systematic racism in all U.S. Police Forces is STUPID.

Not assessing each individual case on its own merits is STUPID.

Jumping onto a questionable bandwagon because it gets you your 15 seconds of fame and you can feel good without doing anything to change the ‘injustice’ you feel… is STUPID.

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