WATCH: Obama Says We Should Give Up THIS For ‘Security’ – Our Founders WARNED Us About Him

Published on September 21, 2016

Obama must’ve been giddy with anticipation to address the U.N. one last time. He LOVES the U.N. even more than the U.S.

What’s Obama going to do when he’s out of office and can’t kiss the ring of the U.N.?

Golf, maybe.

The systematic dismantling of national borders and having one, big, globalized, Utopian world government is the ultimate Progressive wet dream. (Even more than fighting Climate Change!)

Obama goes DIRECTLY against the founding fathers of this country and says that Americans need to ‘give up some autonomy’.

“We can only realize the promise of this institution’s founding to replace the ravages of war with cooperation if powerful nations like my own accept constraints,” Obama said.

The president added that “powerful nations” like the United States must be prepared to give up autonomy in order to continue to prosper and realise security.

“I’m convinced in the long run giving up some freedom of action, not giving up our ability to protect ourselves or pursue our core interests but binding ourselves to international rules, over the long-term, enhances our security.” Obama declared.

His words provide a stark contrast to those of US founding father Benjamin Franklin who famously warned that “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

Obama admitted that their is massive resistance in the US and beyond to such globalism, but insisted that his belief in such a world order is the correct one…

Watch the SHOCKING statements:

Watch how Obama SLAMS the US almost a dozen times IN ONE SPEECH to the U.N.:

…Elsewhere during the speech Obama took blatant shots at the GOP nominee Donald Trump, saying that Trump stands against everything he believes in.

Obama denounced “aggressive nationalism” and warned that “crude populism” should not be allowed to prosper.

He also stated that physical barriers do not offer real security, saying “A nation ringed by walls would only imprison itself.”
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Is that so?

Go, Trump!

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