VIRAL: Charlotte Victim’s WIFE Releases Cell Phone Video Of Keith Scott’s LAST MOMEMENTS

Published on September 23, 2016

Each side will have details in this video that helps establish their accounting of events. What are your thoughts?

The cell phone footage (above) was recorded by Scott’s wife, Rakeyia. The video, however, does not show Scott in the moments before a police officer opened fire, so it remains unclear whether he had a firearm.

The gunshots can be heard, but Scott and the officers are not visible in the video at that moment.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney said in an interview with Megyn Kelly that Scott did have a gun and posed an “imminent threat” to the officers

In the video, Rakeyia Scott pleads with police not to shoot her husband, screaming out that he had suffered a T.B.I (traumatic brain injury) and was not a threat.

Police, however, could be heard yelling at Scott over and over to “drop the gun.”

Rakeyia Scott insisted to the officers that her husband did not have a gun.

“Did you shoot him?!” she yelled after several shots rang out.

“These are the police officers that shot my husband, and he better live. He better live. Because he didn’t do nothing to them,” she said as she recorded the officers standing over Keith Scott’s body. Fox News

Of course, we all know now that he did not live. And the uproar that happened in Charlotte as a result.

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