WATCH: Black Bro BLASTS Obama – “I Voted For Your Black Ass…

BHO must be HATING Social Media right now, it’s just slamming him and his ‘legacy’. He must be taking that as a ‘personal insult’. Want to drive the message home to Barry? SHARE THIS NOW.

Here’s what Obama said:

(Note the 1:45 mark)

Now watch Barry get SLAMMED:

This guy isn’t the only one pissed with Obama.

Check these out:

One more video (there are LOTS of them):

Trumps is getting more traction with the Black community as the election draws closer.

Many black people are looking at the issues and policies and choosing to vote based on those, not on breaking some glass ceiling.

Share if you think that Trump is the candidate for ALL communities no matter what the color of their skin

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