WATCH: ‘Clinton CAN’T Remember ‘C’ Means Classified, But She MEMORIZED Debate Buzz Words?’

Published on September 28, 2016

Hillary has a lot of questions to answer, but strangely, she wasn’t asked the major ones at the debate. When the moderator doesn’t do his job, pundits will. Watch Tomi Larhen’s assessment of the first Debate. IT. IS. EPIC.

Watch Tomi Larhen:

The first big debate was Monday night and it was a hard fought battle.

Many expected Trump to come out swinging like an unhinged madman.

That’s not what happened.

Trump was calm, thoughtful and measured.

He showed amazing restraint and grace in the face of lies and biased moderating.

Trump also was able to successfully showcase his America First plan, where the needs of ALL AMERICANS come before refugees, illegals, and foreign interests.

Hillary represents the same thing we’ve got now.

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Everyone knows that ‘C’ is for ‘Classified’.

Even this poor sod:

Isn’t it weird that Hillary didn’t ‘short circuit’ once during the first Debate?

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