WOW: Cruz Tweets About Trump’s Debate Performance – MANY Are Furious!

Cruz is no stranger to life as a lightning rod. But sometimes, he seems to go looking for it.

Good example:

Cruz brings an interesting — and unique — perspective to the Trump-Hillary debate for two reasons.

First, he’s one of a select few who has stood as Trump’s opponent on the debate stage.

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Second, as his chief rival, and a Johnny-come-lately, he’s a Republican supporter who isn’t ‘in the tank’ like some other dyed-in-the-wool types might be.

So, what did Ted think about the debate? It might surprise you.

‘Trump “had his strongest performance of the election cycle.’

‘He drew strong contrasts with Hillary on taxes, regulation, law and order and the disastrous Iran deal.’

The entire quote can be found here:

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