WATCH: CNN Tries to CONVERT Black Trump Supporter — Gets SLAMMED

Published on September 25, 2016

This is AWESOME! CNN anchor, Chris Cuomo, shows his bias in his interview of Brunell Donald-Kyei, questioning Trump’s statements about the black community. Her response: PRICELESS.

This resident of Chicago understands the problems black communities in urban areas face, as Cuomo asserts.


Cuomo: ‘Will it help him get black voters by saying falsely that “the black community is in the worst shape ever, ever, ever?”‘

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Kyei: ‘A lot of black people are doing well in this society, but unfortunately, we do have that 25% that are living in abject poverty. I’m from Chicago where there have been almost 3000 deaths — shooting in Chicago this year alone. Mr. Cuomo, many people are out there eating poverty and drinking hopelessness, because those jobs that were promised 8 years ago and 4 years ago under Democratic rule never came.

Kyei: ‘I’ve voted Democrat for 20 years and nothing has changed.’

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