WATCH: Five BIGGEST Problems Facing Black People… RACE ISN’T One Of Them

Published on September 24, 2016

An explosive video that would shock even Rev Al into silence. For at least a minute, anyway.

It Starts with #5 ‘the ‘Victim Mentality’ and only gets better from there.

#4 … Lack of Diversity in ideas, and honesty in dialogue… shunning anyone who strays from accepted ideas, including the idea that ‘white people’ are ultimately responsible for the problems in black communities. How can there be honest dialogue about race between whites and blacks if there is virtually no honest dialogue between blacks and blacks? Calling blacks ‘sellout’, ‘Uncle Tom’, ‘race-traitors’ when they depart from the group-think, shuns independent thinkers.

#3 … Urban Terrorism is especially relevant considering the current news cycle. Violent black on black crime is rampant. According to a Justice Department Study, covering 1980-2008, blacks are 47.4% of the nation’s homicide vicitms, and 52.4% of the offenders, despite being only 13% of the population.

#2 … Proliferation of ‘Baby Mammas’. Disitigration of the black nuclear family. The out of wedlock birth rate is 75% and sometimes higher in some urban communities. While ‘Baby Daddies’ are vilified, ‘Baby Mammas’ are embraced and shown compassion and support.

#1 … Unquestioning Allegiance to Progressive Policies. Progressive polices don’t alleviate the problems affecting the black community, they aggravate them.

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