SHRILL-ARY: Why Clinton Will LOSE The Debate… By People Who’ve Been There

Q: What’s Hillary’s greatest liability in the coming debate?

A: Hillary Clinton.

Depending on who you ask, she’s always angry… Harsh… not good with an audience… The list goes on and on in directions Hillary would wish they wouldn’t. Jimmy Kimmel even called her ‘boring’.

And people are noticing.

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She fell flat in ‘Between Two Ferns‘. And got mocked for it.

‘The segment was funny, but no thanks to Clinton. She just sat there shaking her head and laughing at Galifianakis’ jokes, only occasionally chiming in.’ — Observer

Veteran investigative journalist Bob Woodward on Wednesday said a likely reason Hillary Clinton lost young voters in Iowa to her main Democratic rival is because she has a harsh tone that comes across as insecure.

“I’m sorry to dwell on the tone issue, but there’s something here where Hillary Clinton suggests she’s almost not comfortable with herself,” Woodward said. “And, you know, self acceptance is something you communicate on television.”

He said Clinton could appeal to younger voters if she would “lower the temperature” in her voice, explain her record and “get off this screaming stuff.”

Peggy Noonan was no kinder, describing her as “especially poor at the podium, where, when she wants to emphasize an applause line, her voice becomes loud, flat and harassing to the ear” before comparing her to a ‘landlady yelling up the stairs that your kids left their bikes in the hall again.’ –Examiner

Is this a big deal? Shouldn’t this be about issues?

Oh, it probably ‘should’ be about issues. But ever since JFK vs Nixon it has been all about how the Audience SEES the candidate.

This could go badly for Hillary.

VERY badly.

No wonder her handlers fear a Trump knock-out punch.

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