WATCH: Popular, LIBERAL Columnist, Delivers Rant Regarding Hillary’s Health And ‘The Media’s’ SPIN

Published on September 12, 2016

News flash: Hillary’s been looking for conspiracies on the wrong side of the aisle. When a HUFFPO columnist calls them out the Left-leaning media for censorship? Look into it.

Orwellian is an abused term, obviously. But that doesn’t negate its proper use… like this story. Pravda — American edition.

Late in August, David Seaman, a writer for the Huffington Post, uploaded a video onto his YouTube. The video describes how he was fired from HuffPo for questioning Hillary’s health. Moreover, all of his previous articles were deleted by The Huffington Post.

Watch Seaman explain what happened here:

Through the magic of the internet archives, the posts can still be read.

Here is David Seaman’s first problematic post.

Here is the second one about the ‘Health Records Duel’ between Hillary and Trump.

Here is David Seaman’s new rant:

How seriously is he taking this political interference?

He takes time to announce to an audience that he is NOT suicidal, NOT clumsy and does NOT own a car, so if anything were to happen to him…’

He wasn’t just ‘let go’. Huffpo erased all trace of his work.

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