WATCH: Thugs Attacked COP In His Car – Cop Gets LAST Laugh!

Published on September 29, 2016

A gathering of thugs was interrupted in their criminal activity by a cop in his patrol car. The crowd attacks the car, but the cop reacts quickly.

Watch the news report:

This is the kind of thing the jackasses were doing right before the officer pulled up: (Language Warning)

Real high-brow entertainment right there.

Watch the raw video: (More Language Warning)

From Mad World News:

A pack of thugs tried to take over a major intersection in California to watch idiots dangerously drag race in the street. When a patrolling officer attempted to stop them and save these violent degenerates from their own stupidity, they attacked him. That’s when these hoodrats learned that if you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes.

In 37 years behind the badge, Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said he’s never seen anything like what this California Highway Patrol officer encountered at the corner of North and Orange Avenues. The unnamed officer was patrolling the area alone when he saw several cars putting on a dangerous show of driving recklessly. A mob of men flooded into the road and blocked traffic to watch, putting themselves directly in harm’s way.

The officer tried to stop one of the street-racing cars when he was viciously attacked by the spectators who ambushed him in his patrol car. He didn’t even have to use his gun to defend himself when he hit the gas and made human bowling pins out of the mob of people who were trying to kill him…

…Although nobody was badly hurt, the officer managed to get away personally unscathed. His patrol car ended up with $12,000 in damage from the ambush, and now Dyer and his department are on the hunt for the hoodrats in the video to hold them accountable.

“We’re going to identify as many people as possible that were involved in this incident and we’re going to arrest them take them to jail and work with the DA’s office to prosecute them and make sure they’re prosecuted on some serious felony charges,” Dyer said.

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