BIAS: Media SILENT About These Eight HORRIBLE Hillary Stories

Published on October 14, 2016

If CNN cared about actually INFORMING citizens about their leaders, these stories would have wall-to-wall coverage. Eight different things that show Hillary is unfit.

Wikileaks brought the stories out.

The folks at Independent Journal Review put together a helpful list. Here are some highlights. Go to the original article for the full story. (worth the read) IJR

    1) Lies

Her OWN people call her a habitual liar in their internal email

    2) Her REAL views on gay marriage

(hint: NOT her official ones)

    3) Saudi Funding of ISIS


    4) Hillary had a (CNN) MOLE in Bernie’s campaign

Donna Brazile, current interim DNC chair and former CNN contributor, fed the Clinton campaign information about her rival Bernie Sanders’ planned Twitter attack during the 2016 campaign. Brazile earlier called the Wikileaks organization “thugs.”

— CNN contributor working for Hillary? No surprise there.

— Mole in Bernie Campaign? What, she didn’t want to go all the way and have ‘plumbers’ break in with listening devices?

— No mention of the irony that Hillary was on the team investigating Nixon? Not even the ‘you become what you hate’ line?

    5) Dems KNEW min wage bad for unemployment

(explained in the original article)

    6) Dems gave Media SHORT LIST of ‘approved’ opponents to run against


    7) Her OWN TEAM says Benghazi is a legit issue:


    8) Hillary Lawyers admit OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE!

The key thing here, as Vice writer Michael Tracey points out, is that “Clinton family lawyer David Kendall writes to clarify that the HRC legal team did not turn over key email data to the State Department.” As Tracey notes, Clinton’s failure to fully cooperate with the State Dept.’s internal investigation was revealed by the IG report.
But CNN and company are busy looking for something .. anything … that can help their girl win the presidency.

Don’t you just LOVE objective journalism?

Share if throwing all the mud in the world would not be enough to make Hillary a more ‘fit’ candidate than Trump.