BOOM: ACLJ Files LAWSUIT Against THIS Government Department … Over CORRUPTION Questions

Published on October 9, 2016

If case you were wondering JUST how high the stakes are in this election..?

Let THIS remind you. The ACLJ is going to court over it.

Who is the Defendant? The STATE DEPARTMENT.

What is the issue? ‘Pay-to-play’ corruption.

“Answers to these questions are extremely important to the American people, as they involve potential pay-for-play corruption at the highest levels of government. Furthermore, it is critical that government officials, at every level, know that they are not above the law – they are accountable to the people,” the American Center for Law and Justice explained.

…“It’s no longer just about getting the records and the truth. We are fighting back against repeated and unabashed lawlessness. We’re now demanding that our federal judiciary get to the core of the problem here – where the Obama administration claims openness and transparency, it continues to practice a pattern of lawless corruption,” the group said.

ACLJ said the information already obtained raises more questions.

..“Here’s a summary of what we know. In one set of emails, Doug Band, a senior Clinton Foundation official, forwarded a request for ‘a favor’ for someone who apparently had joined former-President Bill Clinton and United Nations Secretary-General Ban ki-Moon on an infamous trip to Haiti in 2009. That person’s name was redacted.

“‘Important to take care of [redacted],’ says Band.

“Then Secretary Clinton’s top aide at the State Department, Huma Abedin, responds: ‘Personnel has been sending him options.’

“And in a different set of emails with the same players, we learned that the Clinton Foundation – on behalf of a businessman who had donated between $1 to $5 million to the Clinton Foundation – asked for access to the State Department’s ‘substance person’ for Lebanon,” ACLJ explained.

“Why did the Clinton Foundation donor need access to the State Department’s ‘substance person’ on Lebanon? What resulted from that access?” the group asked.

“As to the other email chain, what was the ‘favor’ the unknown person asked for? Why did the Clinton Foundation official insist to State Department officials that it was ‘[i]mportant to take care of’ that person? What ‘options’ had State Department ‘personnel’ been offering that person, and why? What happened after the Clinton Foundation applied pressure for favors – apparently above and beyond the ‘options’ he had already been offered?”

ACLJ explained in the complaint that it wanted “records, communication or briefings created, generated, forwarded, transmitted, sent, shared, received, or reviewed by Jeffrey David Feltman” referencing several subjects.

Read the full story (there’s a lot more to it) at WND

This is by no means the ONLY story raising such issues. Clashdaily readers may remember (among other examples) the use of State Dinners as political favors.

The Clintons — and the Washington Elite generally — have refashioned Washington into a 21st Century version of the French aristocracy … with all of its political power plays, Courtesan intrigues, and big-money favor swapping. Just the way it was not long before it was interrupted by the French Revolution.

No wonder they’re fighting so hard to preserve it and put Hillary in power. An outsider might bust up their tidy system.

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