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WTF: What MICHELLE Said About Hillary Will Make You HOWL Like a Spider Monkey!

Oh, Michelle! Have you been taking hits off your daughter’s bong?

Because… Seriously? HAVE you?

Michelle apparently still wants to be seen as relevant, even though she’s the SPOUSE of a lame-duck President.

So she stood up in the campaign trail, in Charlotte, no less, to — uh — help? Hillary? Is that the right word?

But Michelle decided she needed to say this:
“We need someone who’s honest and plays by the rules,”

We’re being punked, right? Plays by the rules? Is there some OTHER Hillary Clinton you’re confusing her with?



Obama referred repeatedly to Clinton as the most qualified person to ever run for president, even more than Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, proclaiming that Clinton knows what it takes to be president and the responsibility that comes along with the job.

In one direct jab, Obama stated that a president does not cry foul as she began to tap her microphone and smile, referring to the microphone troubles that Trump had during the first debate. This technical problem was first played off as Trump “crying foul,” but was ultimately proven to be true.

The question is, does she make jokes like this on purpose? Does she even know why they’re funny?

Share if you’re counting down the days to when her ungrateful self no longer lives at 1600.

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