CAUGHT RED HANDED: Media (D) CONSPIRING To KILL Wikileaks Story … They’re ‘With Her’

Published on October 12, 2016

When Hillary says jump, the media says ‘how high’. Skeptical? All you have to do is watch how they began to discredit the Wikileaks story.

Brian Fallon, Clinton Campaign spokesperson set the rules their media lapdogs should play by:

And watch them begin to fall in line.

“It wasn’t any coincidence that within minutes of the ‘Access Hollywood’ tape coming out, they decided this was their countermove to try to take the public’s attention off the despicable things that Donald Trump said on that video,” Podesta told reporters. He cited “circumstantial evidence.”

Then the campaign promoted the allegation that longtime Trump aide Roger Stone knew about the leaked hack in advance.

You can read the case be laid out in full detail here: Daily Caller, with attempts by Podesta to tie Russians to Stone and possibly even Trump himself.

Naturally, Podesta’s speculation was enough for the Liberal media attack dogs to begin baying.

But ACTUAL evidence that might IMPLICATE Hillary (or Bill) of wrongdoing, or even CRIMES?

Nope, nothing to see there. Move on. (Dot org.)

You are witnessing the death of journalism. And when journalism dies, freedoms are not far behind.

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