It’s too bad that the Media (D) has been hammering the Trump ‘Hot Mic’ tape. Otherwise, voters would be informed about the interesting information that Wikileaks has dumped, including this tidbit about Chelsea and the Clinton Foundation.

See for yourself:

So, what — if anything — will Hillary say about her ‘wonderful charity’ and its GOOD WORK, and HIGH RATING? What will she say when even her own people — on an internal email — are saying these payments don’t meet the smell test? Probably something like ‘but Trump!’

Notice the name ‘Podesta’ at the top? He has full knowledge of what they Clintons are up to.

But doesn’t care.

And yet he has the gall to drum up manufactured outrage and scandals against Trump?

(And yet, so many are lining up to support her. As she and her cronies abuse the American system to make themselves richer and more powerful.

Share if Democrats owe Bernie an apology. He was right about her all along.

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