HOW CLINTONIAN: Hillary ENDS Press Conference Abruptly When Asked About…

Published on October 20, 2016

Hillary likes scripts. She even has when to smile written into her speeches. When something UNEXPECTED happens, well, she JUST CAN’T HANDLE THAT.

When asked about whether SHE will accept the results of the election, a dazed Hillary doesn’t answer the question and instead speaks at length about Trump’s ‘horrifying’ response.

As the press conference continues, she keeps slamming Trump, but then ends it quickly when asked about voter fraud because of the release of the Project Veritas videos.


‘I know nothing about this. I can’t deal with every one of his conspiracy theories. I hope you all have something to eat and drink on the way back to New York.’

Conspiracy theory?

Here is the ClashDaily report on the Project Veritas Video regarding Voter Fraud.

If it’s just a ‘conspiracy theory’, then why were both Foval and Creamer now no longer working for their respective agencies?

One of the operatives, Scott Foval, has been fired from his job at Americans United for Change, according to multiple news outlets.

The second, Robert Creamer, has said he’s stepping back from his position at Democracy Partners.

Both firms have been doing political work for Democrats this year.
Read more: NPR

You could make a drinking game out of how many times Hillary dodged questions.

Maybe she doesn’t want to be on record because of the pending WikiLeaks email dumps.

Think of WikiLeaks email dumps as the ball… one day, there will be a ‘hit’ that even the Media (D) can’t ignore.


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