HEY PATRIOTS: LIES Hillary Clinton Said About Me … and About YOU

Written by Rob Morse on October 21, 2016

I listened to Hillary Clinton. I’m not a politician, so maybe that is why I can still tell the truth from a lie. Hillary lied about me. If Clinton would lie about me, what would she say about you?

You see, I am an ordinary gun owner. Hillary said that the government has the right to have guns, but ordinary citizens don’t. That is really strange, because I thought ordinary citizens like you and me were the source of rights … rights like free speech and freedom to worship. It doesn’t make sense that when it comes to guns, the government claims to have “rights” that the people themselves don’t have. I’m sure Hillary can bribe and blackmail judges to say almost anything, but that doesn’t make it the truth.

Hillary said that we would be safer if we had to seek government permission for me to let a boy scout or girl scout touch my firearms. I’m sorry, but Hillary lied again. The deliberate ignorance about guns that is pushed on our children has gotten them killed, not made them safer. We should teach firearms safety in every school if we really wanted to “save just one child.” That makes sense to me, but I’ve never been a fan of willful ignorance.

Hillary said that in order to keep our communities safe, we need honest gun owners to stop giving guns to criminals. “We need to close the ‘gun show loophole.’” Unless you live in Manhattan or Los Angeles, then you know that every gun law that applies outside a gun show also applies inside a gun show. Hillary has to know that criminals don’t go to gun shows. Instead, criminals break our 23 thousand existing gun laws every day. Criminals get their guns illegally rather than from honest gun owners and gun dealers. Honest gun owners can’t buy a gun online. Hillary had to know that, so why did she lie about me again?

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Clinton said that guns are killing young black men. Let’s be clear about that tragedy. Young men are dying in our Democrat controlled cities. They are dying because Democrat politicians killed businesses, destroyed families, and ruined schools. I live in the south, and both blacks and whites have guns down here. We don’t kill each other with them. In fact, our sheriffs ask for help during a flood, a hurricane or a tornado. Don’t your sheriffs do the same? Why is Hillary blaming ordinary citizens for the problems created by Democrat politicians?

Again, Hillary blames “the gun”. She said that urban violence in Democrat controlled cities is caused by “military style weapons”. Even the FBI disagrees. The FBI says military weapons, meaning rifles, are almost never used in crimes. True, our inner cities have huge problems with Mexican drug gangs, but that is because of prohibition and our open-borders policies. Why did Hillary lie about me and excuse her own failed policies?

I’ve heard Hillary say we should take guns from people on the TSA “no fly” list. Fewer than two percent of the people on the “no fly” list are actually terrorists. To me, the “no fly, no buy” list sounds like a way to disarm poor minorities who are already abandoned by police in our inner cities. That really bothers me because the poor can’t hire a lawyer to the government and get their rights back. Why would Clinton treat poor people so badly?

Hillary said we should disarm terrorists, but we’ve seen recent terrorists sail right through Hillary’s background checks. Hillary said there should be a 25 percent tax on guns. We’ve seen terrorists receive lots of money from Clinton’s donors like Saudi Arabia. Why is Clinton trying to disarm us while she and her supporters arm terrorists?

Hillary said that gun manufacturers should be liable for how stolen guns are misused by criminals. I’m trying to understand that. Sure, Clinton was a lawyer, and maybe that makes sense to her. I’m pretty sure we don’t treat any other product that way, but I am not a lawyer. Clinton said she’d issue new gun laws by executive order. Those are the actions of an emperor, not a president. Clinton wants to fine us for stolen guns. Instead, we should prosecute politicians for our stolen freedoms.

The next thing you know, Hillary will blame us for her corrupt campaign donations and voter fraud.

I’m tired of her lies. I’m tired of being blamed for her failures. I wish Hillary Clinton would stop lying, but if Hillary only spoke the truth, then she might not have anything to say.

photo credit: Noah Mascarin HD Photography DSC_5900 via photopin (license)

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