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DEAR AMERICA: Has Megyn Kelly JOINED Hillary As A #NastyWoman?

Megyn Kelly’s confrontation with Newt Gingrich sparks a HUGE reaction on social media. Even THESE 2 famous ladies weigh in, and they think Kelly is NASTY like Hillary.

If you missed the exchange with Kelly and Gingrich, you can catch it here.

Kelly has been called out for her bias against Trump numerous times.

Two of Bill’s victims are quick to post:

Others were quick to comment about Gingrich calling out Kelly’s bias on her own show:

It’s pretty clear that Hillary is a Nasty Woman.

Many ClashDaily readers (and Sean Hannity) think that Megyn Kelly is a Hillary supporter.

Thousands of you have stopped watching Kelly because of her bias.

The Kelly File is losing ratings to… Rachel Maddow?

Is Kelly turning into a nasty woman like Hillary?

Megyn, you suggested that Newt needs to deal with his ‘anger issues’…

…maybe you need to deal with your ‘bias issues’.

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