BREAKING: After Trump’s FLORIDA Rallies – Look Who’s LEADING

Published on October 26, 2016

With just 2 weeks to go, both Trump and Hillary have been campaigning hard in Florida. ONE camp’s efforts have REALLY paid off in the swing state…

According to this NY Times article from September, Trump needs to win Florida to win the White House.

Donald J. Trump has almost no plausible path to the White House unless he wins Florida, a rapidly changing state where Hispanic voters could deal a decisive blow to his chances.

Trump and Pence have been speaking to huge crowds all over Florida.

Hillary and Kaine? Eh, not so much.

More adult, heterosexual males willingly go to a Justin Beiber concert than the total attendance at Kaine’s ‘rallies’.

Hey, Hillary! Your campaign is beginning to look like this:

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s focus on Florida appears to be paying dividends.

According to a Bloomberg poll released early Wednesday, Trump has taken a two-point lead in the Sunshine State with less than two weeks until Election Day.

The poll, which was taken Friday through Monday, shows Trump at 45 percent over his opponent Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton at 43 percent. The poll also shows Trump with edge with independent voters.
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Ok, Florida. You’re on the right track.


Remember Election 2000.

We DO NOT want to hear a word about ‘hanging chads’.

Make your decision clear this time!

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