Published on October 23, 2016

If you could, with a vote, decide whether Hillary goes to the Big House or the White House, which lever would you pull? … the actual polling numbers are startling.

A survey of 1,000 likely voters was conducted on October 18 and 19 by the polling company Rasmussen Reports. Voters were asked whether they agreed with the FBI’s decision not to file criminal charges against Hillary Clinton, despite acknowledging that she had been reckless and potentially exposed classified information to hostile countries. The results were released on Friday.

Out of the voters surveyed, 65 percent broadly agreed that Clinton had broken the law by storing confidential emails on her private server, but only 53 percent believe the FBI should have filed charges, while 39 percent agreed with the decision not to. When split between Republican and Democratic voters, the survey found that 85 percent of Clinton supporters stood by the FBI’s decision not to prosecute.

…The results from a real polling company say it best. 41% of Americans want Hillary elected, while at least 53% would prefer she be arrested.

That’s the truth America.

Shove these numbers in all of those Hillary supporters’ faces and ask them a simple question: Do you really believe in the democratic will of the people? –See: Freedom Outpost

In a free and fair election, if the ‘will of the people’ were heard (according to the poll above) the government would bring Hillary up on charges for the offenses we DO know about.

Do ClashDaily readers have a STRONGER opinion on the same question than the general public?

Let’s find out!

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